Usefulness or REMS technology in the evaluation of spinal and femoral bone health

REMS (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry) technology is a new non-invasive technology able to
directly assess the status of the bones on the axial reference sites for osteoporosis diagnosis: lumbar spine andproximal femur. A simple femoral echographic scan of only 40 sec or, alternatively, a spinal (L1-L4) examination of 80 sec allows bone characterization and density measurement of the examined target bone. A dedicated algorithm automatically elaborates both the echographic images and the unprocessed and unfiltered “raw” radiofrequency ultrasound signals. The final medical report shows the major parameters for standard osteoporosis diagnosis: (bone mineral density (BMD), T-score, Z-score) obtained through dedicated spectral and statistical analyses.
Within a European multicenter clinical study, the precision and the diagnostic accuracy of REMS with respect
to the gold standard technique DXA in the discrimination of osteoporotic patients from healthy individuals has been evaluated at the Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital del Mar (Barcelona, Spain).
381 patients (50-70 years, BMI (“body mass index”) ≤ 30 kg/m2, no severe walking impairments, medical prescription for a spinal/femoral DXA, signed informed consent) have been recruited for the ongoing clinical study.
All the enrolled patients underwent two examinations: a conventional DXA (Hologic Discovery) on spine
or femoral neck and an echographic scan by employing the REMS technology on the same anatomical site.
All the obtained REMS/DXA reports underwent a quality check to avoid any inaccurate evaluations.
The obtained results showed a REMS sensitivity of 92.3% and 96.3% and a specificity of 94.8% and 95.6%, for
spinal and femoral investigations respectively, in discriminating osteoporotic patients from non-osteoporotic
individuals. The diagnostic accuracy of the REMS technique was also confirmed by SEE (Standard Error of the
Estimate) values (0.041g/cm2 for spine and 0.032 g/cm2 for femur).
REMS is an automatic technology, accurate and precise, for osteoporosis diagnosis and will also open new perspectives for fracture risk estimation, short-term monitoring of pharmacological treatment and prevention programs for large populations (including also children and pregnant women).

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